JustLikeThat is a “young” menswear label specialized in luxury denim.

The brand, based in Lugano, has been launched in 2016 and it’s owned by the Swiss company FIFTYEARS s.a. .

The idea has born from the creativity of two international designer coming from different fields but both with an established experience. At the base of this project, there was the desire of seeing the denim fabric in everyday looks without loosing the elegant attire. Here the denim is not seen as leisurewear but as the result of a great research over history and direct worlds.

The proposal is a label made entirely with Japanese denim fabric enriched with embroideries made with Jacquard and printed fabrics 100% Made in Italy. The production has been made by one of the greatest tailoring all over Italy belonging to a long tradition and it’s 100% handmade in Italy. Every single details in the clothes has been made with an accurate eye. Nothing has been left to chance.

By choosing a JLT item, you embrace a philosophy. Be unique and make your own style has been one of our most important aim. It’s not just about what you’re wearing, it’s about who you are and who you want to be.